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We are Committed to Gut Health…

…and are accredited to teach and qualify students to become Practicing Colon Hydrotherapists using the Gravity Feed Method.

As Doctor Bernard Jensen says, “…it is the bowel that invariably has to be cared for first before any effective healing can take place.”

Fiona Bruce


“This site is for those who want to train as a colon hydrotherapist.
By completing this course you will be ready to safely and confidently deliver a therapy of great benefit to many people.”

Fiona Bruce

Next colonic training course is May 12th – 23rd 2024 – enquire today!

Train to become a fully qualified Colon Hydrotherapist

Total Investment: £5,250 (per person) which includes accommodation and meals.

12th – 23rd
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22nd – 3rd October
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The Avalon School of Colon Hydrotherapy in Glastonbury, Somerset is an independent training school specialising in small groups in order to maximise one-to-one tuition.

Our lead trainers have a combined experience in the health professions spanning over thirty years.

We train our students to become fully qualified and confident colon hydrotherapists using the Gravity Feed Closed System Method. This method was originally designed by Doctor Robert A. Wood in `1914. The Gravity Feed system is a gentle therapy that uses purified water to wash through the entire large intestinal tract, with the therapist present at all times.

Investing in this training opens the door to a flourishing market due to the increasing interest and concern of the general public regarding digestive health.

Our students can use their certificate to gain employment or to be self-employed following their training.

Our colonic school specialises in highly individualised training.
Our colonic courses are customised to guarantee good practice.
Read on if you want to become a colon hydrotherapist

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Course Entry Requirements

A qualification in Anatomy and Physiology is a prerequisite. If necessary, an online refresher course with Essential Training Solutions will be acceptable for practicing health practitioners. Please get in contact if you have any questions about this.

Meet Your Qualified Trainers

Fiona Bruce The Avalon School of Colon Hydrotherapy

Fiona Bruce:

Accredited Colon Hydrotherapist 2007
Accredited Teacher for Further Adult Education

Fiona has worked within the holistic therapeutic field for over thirty-five years. She qualified as a reflexologist in the 1980’s. She helped to establish the first and largest vegan restaurant in the UK which specialised in sugar free, wheat free and dairy free diets – run successfully from 1983 to 1995. From 1988 Fiona became a teacher in special diet cuisine both for the catering industry and for private individuals.

She has been the resident colon hydrotherapist at the Fisher King Centre (the longest standing residential cleansing retreat in the UK ) for over 12 years. This has led Fiona to develop a keen understanding in the way in which colonics aid digestive efficiency. She is passionately inspired by this line of therapeutic work.


F.A.E.T.C. 2006 (South Mendip District Council)
Colon hydro-therapist 2007 (Chi Centre, Maidenhead)

Harriet Longman:

Registered Nurse, Diploma of Higher Education in Adult Nursing

Harriet has been a qualified nurse since 2004, with eleven years’ experience in critical care, which has given her an excellent understanding of the human body and the impact that disease has on us.

As part of Harriet’s role as a nurse she has mentored and taught many students and finds this a rewarding part of her job.

She also works in her family’s vegetarian and vegan whole food business.

Harriet’s extensive experience as a nurse, and now as a colon hydrotherapist, has been instrumental in developing her interest in diet and gut health. 


Registered Nurse N.M.C. 2004 (Plymouth University)
Colon Hydrotherapist 2018 (Avalon School of Colon Hydrotherapy)

Our​ Course ​is a 10-day, fully residential programme...

​During the course we will...


Bringing digestion into a clear and understandable body of knowledge…

We will underpin the effects that colon hydrotherapy has on the body systems, both in practice and theory.

This will create a firm foundation for our students to become safe and confident colonic hydrotherapy practitioners.

The curriculum and accreditation will be assessment based. Evidence of competence and the development of performance will be measured using routine methods of monitoring and evaluation on a day to day basis.

Key features will be assessed and scored by the tutors, and the rating of these scores will be the basis upon which certification will be awarded on completion of the course.

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Qualifying students will be issued a Certificate of Accreditation to practice Gravity Feed Colon Hydrotherapy

Gravity feed certificate

You will now be able to deliver a therapy of great benefit to many people thus aiding​…

You will study in a peaceful environment close to nature

Students will have their own bedroom for the duration of the course, with access to
therapeutic equipment such as infrared sauna and inversion table.

Breakfast and a main meal will be provided every day except Saturday (breakfast only).

All food is vegan and organic – we can cater for special diets on request.

Here are some images of your ten-day residential accommodation.
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Total Investment: £5,250

(per person)

Total investment includes accommodation and meals.

Next colonic training course is May 12th – 23rd 2024 – enquire today!

For bookings, questions and more information call 07969 803 532

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Hear what others have to say... Customer testimonials:

“Her calm, welcoming manner puts you at ease and she is always keen to impart her knowledge to assist you in your health” ‘Having had frequent colonics for the past decade and as a regular client of Fiona, I can attest to her professionalism, gentle and effective technique and plentiful knowledge on digestive health. Her calm, welcoming manner puts you at ease and she is always keen to impart her knowledge to assist you in your health. Treatments are always effective and leave you feeling cleansed and rejuvenated.’
Pia Barratt
“Her treatments are the best” ‘I have been coming to see Fiona for a few years now and I really enjoy her love and presence. I have always felt really at home and cared for when I’m with Fiona. Her treatments are the best I’ve had and I feel supported every time. It’s never just a treatment I’m there for. I feel I go to see a friend too. The treatments are always amazing. I travel down from Blackpool to see her. I appreciate her work so much. And her kind, caring nature.’
Alessia Burchkard
“I recommend her to many of my friends and clients...” ‘Fiona’s colonic treatments leave you feeling cleansed and clear in your mind and body. Her calm and mature manner make her ideal for nervous people and I recommend her to many of my friends and clients because I know they are in very safe hands.’
Fiona Harrold
Author, Be Your Own Life Coach

​A goodbye message

​We aim to bring a balanced measure of seriousness and passion to the subject of gut health.

Learning a new skill is an exciting experience and we look forward to teaching and sharing this far-reaching therapy with you.


For bookings, questions and more information call 07969 803 532

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